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Understanding Autism through a Dental Lens

Managing patients with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in a dental practice can be challenging and nerve racking for most practitioners, not to mention for parents who are bringing their child for a dental check-up, scale and clean.

The dental clinic is a sensory stimulating environment with bright lights, loud high pitch noises coming off the dental equipment, not to mention strange or antiseptic smells in the air. Typically there is some probing, scratching or vibration in the mouth from the dental instruments. There are so many things in the dental setting that may trigger a sensory overload and precipitate anxiety or a massive meltdown for patients withASD. Such situations can be difficult to manage and stressful for everyone. I’m looking forward to speaking to the dental community about ASD research and dental health considerations on the 20thof July, 2018 as part of a professional development seminar organised by Edge Professional Development at the ADA House in West Perth. Read more

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